• Stevie Mahardhika

  • Daron Parton

  • Flox aka Hayley King

  • Phillip Small

  • Gee Hale

  • Phillip Small

  • Courtney Hopkinson

  • Blair Sayer

  • Phillip Small

  • Dean Proudfoot

  • Beck Wheeler

  • Joseph Qiu

  • Pawel Zawislak

  • Ken Samonte

  • Ken Samonte

Award winning Film poster

Joseph Qiu's poster is so good it will shatter your eyeballs

NEW illustrator Ken Samonte

Browse his portfolio of beautifully crafted illustrations

Grand Theft Super

Dave Follett takes aim at Malcolm Turnbull for Spectator magazine.

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Egg-ceptional POS for Cadbury

Have you ever wondered where the Easter Bunny get his eggs?


Beck Wheeler get's behind fund-raiser for Child poverty.

Hold onto your wobbly bits

Gorge yourself on Daron Parton’s hilarious illustrations for Gregg’s Jelly

It's so unfair!

Blair Sayer helps Mercer Bell, enhance BT Investment Managment's new Print Campaign

2016 is going ape!

Dean Proudfoot illustrates a menagerie of mad monkeys for the year of the Monkey.

Our drug of choice!

Daron Parton Espresso's his unique style for Fuel's sexy street carts

A chippy gets a make-over

Blair Sayer dives deep to illustrate a mural for the Fish Smith, Herne Bay

Lights camera painting!

Master painter Joseph Qiu demonstrates his skills with this time lapse of his portrait painitng

Refreshing Aussie summers

Phill Small throws some iconic summer imagery on the barbie as part of a re-brand for Frantelle water.

Fresher Fresh work

A stunning piece of graphic illustration by the talented Yulia Vysotskaya

Men's Health Jugement Day

Gee Hale shows you how to prepare for the end of the world.

How do you paint a Kangaroo?

Elise Martinson raises $5,750. All funds will go towards protecting children from violence

Celebrity Caricature

From politicians to actors, Joseph has a knack of capturing the best and worst of them!

Smart Animals

Here's Beck Wheeler illustration for her monthly spot in Readers Digest.

5 Stars!

Tech with Kids awards 'Angus the Irritable Bull' app with Best Pick Award.

Easter Funny Bunnies

Yulia taps into her own inner Bunny for this Job!


What happens when a banger meets a burrito?

Yippeei.com SHOP!!

Watermark launches its own shop with playing cards, t-shirts, prints and more unique pieces to come.


Keep up to date on the weird and wonderful happenings in our world!

We're Pinnning

You can now follow us on Pinterest with updates to artists, styles and projects.

Travel Insurance Direct

An insanely crowded bus shows why it’s a good idea to get insurance before travelling.

Rhythm & Vines Music Festival

Cinzah Merkens & Beck Wheeler painted 3m tall totem poles.

Artesian Water Takes Gold

An award winning piece of design and illustration from the land of the long white cloud.

Hubbards Kids’ Cereal

Beck Wheeler helps kids engage with their brekkie using, mind farts, doodles and fun facts!

Nature's Nectar

Jo Tronc finds a sweet spot between art and technology for Honora's new honey range


Gee Hale unleashes his super powers for V Energy drink.

Angus the Irritable Bull

Meet Angus - he's a bit grumpy and gets a little too e-'moo'-tional.

Drumstick Heatwave

Anton Petrov celebrates summer with retro scenes of bad tans, back yard cricket and summer madness.

Going Mad For Agency Mural

The straitjacket fitted just fine as inspiration for Ward 6 Mural.

Starship Hospital’s Easter fundraiser

The good eggs at Watermark get busy laying giant eggs.

Revitalizing Burgen Bread

A Kiwi bread with a German name has Kiwified itself

Juju Superstitious Cards

Download our iBook to find out more about the superstitions in our Juju playing cards - in the shop now!

World of weirdness for Donut King murals

Strange beasts to inhabit the doughnut chain’s new decor.

Karma Cola Wins Best.

Karma Cola take the coveted 'Purple pin Award' at 2013 Best Awards!

Peter's Snot & Gut's

I scream, you scream, we all scream...it's a Zombie Apocalypse!!

Tasti TVC

Nothing says 'kiwi' more than cops blowing on pies, riding whales and peeing into The Bucket Fountain.

Cloudy Bay

Flox flys to NY & LA to live paint for the "Rare Taste, Rare Nature" launch events.

Switch Power Company

Stevie Mahardhika's wild beasts bring home the message.

King Hit For Cordial Range

Brothers get fresh with Bickford’s drinks packaging.

The Dieline

Jo Tronc's latest work for 'Two hands' Bread features on The Dieline.

Mental health after Christchurch quake

A groundbreaking project is helping people help themselves.

Illustration Adds Sparkle to Organic Drinks

Daron Parton's refreshing the Phoenix soft drinks range.

Popsicle rebranding.

"You say 'Icy Pole' I say 'Ice Block' Let's call the whole thing off!'

Make a Statement

Wear this T-shirt with pride to your next marketing meeting.