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Anatoth Jam's & Pickles

The brief was simple: create images that captured the freshness of the ingredients by showing them still on the branch, almost like you were picking them yourself. “Discussing the job with the designer, Ryan Henderson, we decided that an almost botanical level of observation was required, showing not only the fruit but also the buds and flowers, too,” says Phill.  


To create the feeling of honesty and truthfulness that the Anathoth brand embodies, they decided to show fruit that was imperfect and more lifelike. “Some of the leaves even have stains and the fruit is not perfectly round, not Photoshopped and retouched like many other brands out there.”


It's always more rewarding to work on a product you're passionate about, he says. “This project reminded me of driving down country roads and stopping by the farms stalls to pick up a little jar of country goodness. The stalls weren't manned, just an honesty box for the money. It's actually one of the reasons I decided to move here from South Africa - that degree of trust and honesty is something I'd not encountered since I was a kid, when we trusted the people around us to do the right thing. And these jams remind me of those honest, homemade jams, straight from the farm to the jar.”


Designer Ryan Henderson had this to say - The response has been great and they look great on the shelves. Thanks again for your excellent work on that project.

Anathoth had this to say - Philip at Watermark has provided Anathoth Farm with stunning illustrations that finishes our labels simply perfectly. His detailed illustrations have helped position our brand in a league if it's own in a tough, commoditised FMCG category. It has set us ahead of our competition on shelf. Philip responded to a critically important brief and delivered under time pressure. His beautiful illustrations have become an integral part of our unique brand story.



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