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Donut King

The King Brothers, Wayne and Joe were approached to create a mural nearly 3m-long for Donut King stores across Australia. The theme was to be a fantasy theme park called The Kingdom, where ‘almost anything goes’.


‘When dream jobs like this come along, it's always a pleasure to throw in a double scoop of love!’ says Wayne. That double scoop came in the form of hints at iconic Australian movies such as Mad Max, The Man from Snowy River and The Adventures of Priscilla, Queen of the Desert. More bizarrely, there were also donut-riding cowboys and Elvis sharks.


'It was', say the brothers, 'a fantasy job if there ever was one. Working with an amazing client who was open to some very weird ideas'. 'They even loved our farting unicorn that adds sprinkles to the donut-making roller coaster,’ says Joe. A dream client indeed!