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Egg-ceptional POS for Cadbury

So where does this crafty little bunny reside? This was the egg-stremely important question that had Watermark’s Stevie Mahardhika scratching his head after he was briefed by agency Raydar to create an Easter Bunny world for a Cadbury point of sale campaign.


So Stevie began his quest to create the perfect setting for the crafty hare's egg making endeavours. Inspired by Hobbiton and drawing on his experience as an accomplished children’s book illustrator, Stevie created a world of fun and whimsy; a mythical land by the sea where this legendary rabbit can focus on his task of creating millions of tasty eggs.


"For our Cadbury Easter campaign we wanted to create a hybrid of the marvellous wonder of Cadbury and the natural sense of a classic New Zealand summer. Watermark did an outstanding job of capturing this - bringing the scene to life with a sense of Cadbury joyfulness and excitement." said Aaron Taylor, Creative Director.


While a few chocolate rabbits may have had their ears and tails chomped off during the project, according to Stevie, however no actual bunnies were harmed in the making of the illustrations.


“The most challenging part of the artwork was the scale,” Stevie recalls. “It’s like taking a page from a children’s book and blowing it up to the size of poster! Ensuring the right balance of detail at such a large scale was important for the success of the image.”


You can explore the world of Stevie’s egg-cited looking Easter Bunny (and fill your own basket with treats) at a range of supermarkets and petrol stations around New Zealand.


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Art Director

Aaron Taylor