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Gregg’s Jelly. There’s always room...

Ahh the 'food coma', that point where you’ve gorged yourself on dinner and start to drift into a calorie-induced stupor… but then you discover there’s still dessert to come! How can you refuse, just one more sweet morsel to finish you off before you collapse on the couch, too afraid to move in case you pop.


The Gregg's Jelly campaign, illustrated by Watermark’s Daron Parton, follow the very same lines. It depicts three creatures who, after gorging themselves on local prey du jour, are still considering topping off dinner with a plate of jelly. Well as they say: "There’s always room for jelly!"


Known for his comical illustration style and his love of all things daft, Daron did not need to be jelly wrestled to convince him this project was right up his alley.


“I get my inspiration from the stupid things around me,” explains Daron. “I feed on the absurd, so naturally this was a job I threw myself into. I really enjoyed working on the subtle elements like creating the look of ecstasy in the snake’s eyes, the bear's tongue squeezing into the jelly and the lion’s vain attempt to lick his treasured treat."


There were some serious discussions between Daron and Senior Creative, Freddie Coltart, about how fat the bellies should be and how tight the skins should fit around the swallowed animals to make sure they were identifiable. Once these wobbly questions were resolved, the project slid along to a very tasty end.


“Daron was an absolute professional through the entire process,” said Freddie. “He physically hand painted the illustrations, which he handled with ease. It was certainly worth going to this extra effort as the end results are outstanding. We couldn’t be happier.”


Daron’s illustrations will be jiggling around on buses, quivering across billboards and having a jolly good time lightening up the packaging as part of the overall brand campaign for Gregg’s Jelly.


You can see more of Daron Parton's work here.





There’s always room...

Senior Creative

Freddie Coltart

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