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Hubbards Kids Cereal Rebrand

Coats Design, which has been rebranding Hubbards cereals over the last year, approached Beck to illustrate a kids range of cereals.   


"Coats Design wanted a doodle style of illustration that was kid-friendly without babying them", Beck says. "It needed to appeal to teenagers and adults, too."


The idea was to design a box that had fun things to read on it for each of the four flavours in the range.  The Rumbles flavour had a science and space theme, Super Pops had water sports; Trick Mix had adventure sports and Bugs and Mud had outdoors adventure.


"I did a pretty extensive range of doodles in the character development stages and the resulting pack is something that I'm really proud of.  It was a real team project with regular meetings and brain storming sessions held at the Coats Design Studio in Auckland" she says.


With the packaging, Coats wanted to avoid the standard cartoon character treatment in favour of doodles, sketch books and ‘mind farts’ to reflect kids’ chaotic sense of fun.  


"An important feature of the rebrand was to engage the kids, get them reading or out of the house and having fun," Coats says of the project on the Dieline website. "The result: a completely unique cereal range that lives and breathes the new Hubbards brand."





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