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Phoenix Organic Fruit Drinks

Wouldn’t it be wonderful to be able to create things that pleased everyone? For instance, a soft drink that's good for your body and the planet and tastes great. In a perfect world, maybe. Well, soft drink manufacturer Phoenix did just that with its sparkling Organic range.

To reinforce the strength of its product, the New Zealand-based company picked design agency, Curious to refresh the packaging. After spotting Daron’s work on our website Curious thought his illustration style would be ideal to reflect the 100% organic and sustainably grown drinks. Perhaps surprisingly, for such a natural-looking style, Daron used Photoshop to build the illustrations in layers, creating the final textured look.

‘Curious and Phoenix were cracking to work for,’ he says. ’We nailed the first ‘green apple’ design to get the feel, then I was allowed to play.’ He admits the pomegranate was ‘a toughie’, but ended up as one of his favourite designs.

The result, says Curious, was ‘... an impactful presence on-shelf and a true reflection of the natural, organic beverages that Phoenix lovingly crafts’.