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We live in a pretty safe part of the world with no shortage of rules to make sure our lives are protected from risk. But if you've been to a Third World country, you'll know that those safety nets often aren’t there.


Travel Insurance Direct (TID) wanted to make a statement about the risks of using public transport when you travel overseas. “It's not at all like your local commute back home and it's not without risks,” TID General Manager Diana Watts says.


So, AJF Sydney approched us with the idea to create the illusion of an insanely overcrowded bus with passengers appearing to cling onto the sides. We threw in chickens and a couple of donkeys for good measure.


The turnaround was pretty tight, so we pulled together a team of illustrators to work on various stages simultaneously.


First aboard was Pawel Zawislak, who took the layout  of a plain Sydney Metro Bus and covered it with as many people as he could.


The job then moved on to master digital painter Dede Putra, who worked up the final characters.


To keep the process moving, Phill Small added characters to the bus as the client approved each one. He also added finer touches, such as shadows to give the whole image a common lighting source.


“Speaking from personal experience, the bus certainly makes an arresting sight, especially when you're expecting to see your pain old blue Sydney Bus to come around the corner!" Phill says.


We're also very pleased to say it won the Outdoor Media Association's, Best Creative Execution award.






Dede Putra


Pawel Zawislak

Creative Direction

Phillip Small


Outdoor Media Association

Best Creative Execution