Yulia Vysotskaya


Woolworths Select Easter Campaign

When Marque Brand Consultants asked Watermark to create a new seasonal Easter identity for Woolworths, we knew Yulia would be the best person for the Job. And we were right.

"She was literally jumping for joy, like an Easter bunny," says Phillip Small.


The brief was to create a set of modern and quirky animal characters, all having fun on a farm. Everything from ladybugs riding skateboards to chickens flying with parachutes.

The illustrations had to appeal to children and adults and work well on a variety of Easter-themed products and promotions, such as confectionary and bakery goods as well as general merchandise.


Using a vibrant-yet-natural colour pallet made sure the packaging didn't look too artificial, while still attracting shoppers.

"It's been such a great pleasure to work on illustrations for products designed specifically to make people’s celebrations even more memorable and fun," says Yulia.