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15 Nov 2016

LeasePlan’s ‘Small Fleets’ award winning animation  |  Salt & Paprika

Put a grin on your grill with this animated infomercial for fleet company LeasePlan

11 Nov 2016

Proud & Punch  |  Phillip Small

Tickle your tastebuds with Phill Small’s delicious illustrations for the Peters’ Proud & Punch frozen treat range

06 Sep 2016

Porridge packaging to tempt even the fussiest fairy tale princess  |  Jo Tronc

Warm your hands over the wintery goodness of our typographic illustrations for Hubbards Creamy Porridge.

23 Aug 2016

ACC Snow Safety Campaign  |  Blair Sayer

Take a peak at Blair Sayer’s hair-raising illustrations for the New Zealand Accident Compensation Corporation’s ski-safety campaign

26 Jul 2016

IBM Bringing man and machine together through illustration  |  Yulia Vysotskaya

Wrap your hard drive around this campaign celebrating the collaboration between man and machine.

30 Jun 2016

2016 3x3 Illustration Show  |  Watermark

Big wins for Watermark in this years 3x3 illlustration show.

20 Jun 2016

Pedigree: A Dog's Story  |  David Way

A Cannes nominated app taking kids on a fun journey to safe petting

16 May 2016

Spectrum 23 Silver Award  |  Joseph Qiu

Settle your butt cheeks into a comfy sofa as you indulge in Joseph Qiu’s award winning poster for the 24 Hour Film Marathon.