15 Nov 2016

LeasePlan’s ‘Small Fleets’ award winning animation  |  Salt & Paprika

Put a grin on your grill with this animated infomercial for fleet company LeasePlan

23 Aug 2016

ACC Snow Safety Campaign  |  Blair Sayer

Take a peak at Blair Sayer’s hair-raising illustrations for the New Zealand Accident Compensation Corporation’s ski-safety campaign

26 Jul 2016

IBM Bringing man and machine together through illustration  |  Yulia Vysotskaya

Wrap your hard drive around this campaign celebrating the collaboration between man and machine.

20 Jun 2016

Pedigree: A Dog's Story  |  David Way

A Cannes nominated app taking kids on a fun journey to safe petting

16 May 2016

Spectrum 23 Silver Award  |  Joseph Qiu

Settle your butt cheeks into a comfy sofa as you indulge in Joseph Qiu’s award winning poster for the 24 Hour Film Marathon.

07 Mar 2016

Egg-ceptional POS for Cadbury  |  Stevie Mahardhika

Have you ever wondered where the Easter Bunny gets his eggs?

19 Feb 2016

Gregg’s Jelly. There’s always room...  |  Daron Parton

Gorge yourself on Daron Parton’s hilarious illustrations for the new Gregg’s Jelly campaign - they'll tickle more than your tastebuds!  


17 Feb 2016

BT Investment Management  |  Blair Sayer

Enhancements add edge.

26 Oct 2015

A fishy wall mural to reel-in customers  |  Blair Sayer

Thank cod for the chippy!

Take the oppor-tuna-ty to trawl through our recent project for fish ‘n chip emporium Fish

Smith, in New Zealand’s Herne Bay.

10 Feb 2015

Travel Insurance Direct  |  Watermark

An insanely crowded bus shows why it’s a good idea to get insurance before travelling on Third World public transport.    

25 Jun 2014

Unleash your super powers!  |  Gee Hale

Need artwork for a new drink? Time to call Super Illustrator Man! (A.k.a Gee Hail)


28 Apr 2014

WARD 6 MURALS  |  Blair Sayer

Watermark’s Blair Sayer goes cuckoo with his designs for Sydney-based agency WARD 6's boardroom and work foyer.


24 Mar 2014

Peters Drumstick Icecreams  |  Anton Petrov

Remember those scenes of Summer heatwave madness for Drumstick cones ads adorning the Sydney and Melbourne bus systems? They were illustrated by our own Anton Petrov.

24 Mar 2014

2013 3X3 winners  |  Watermark

Congratulations to Beck, Simon, and Pawel for picking up awards in the 3X3 magazine international illustration awards.

14 Nov 2013

Donut King  |  King Brothers

Who better than the King Brothers to create 'The Kingdom' for Australia’s market-leading Donut World?

15 Oct 2013

Karma Cola at the Best Awards  |  Beck Wheeler

It must have been karma… as Beck’s African-influenced designs won a bag of top New Zealand design awards.   

09 Oct 2013

Peter's Zombie Icecreams  |  David Follett

I Scream, You Scream, We All Scream For …a Peters Zombie Apocalypse!


16 Sep 2013

Tasti NZ TVC  |  Animation

Nothing says 'kiwi' more than cops blowing on pies, riding whales and peeing into The Bucket Fountain.

27 Aug 2013

FLOX TAKES FLIGHT  |  Flox aka Hayley King

Flox is spreading her wings this coming September, flying to New York and Los Angeles to live paint for the Cloudy Bay 2013 "Rare Taste, Rare Nature" launch events.


15 Aug 2013

Undercover Artist Makes Mural Magic  |  Cinzah Merkens

The mission was need-to-know secret, the objective legendary: paint a giant Yeti on the walls of a busy studio without the staff knowing. Here’s how we pulled it off.

19 Jun 2013

Easy Money  |  Stevie Mahardhika

Picturebook Predators Promote Power Parsimony

Billboard-sized bears and tigers with a friendly charm join the Electricity Authority’s campaign to promote the savings benefits of changing power companies

30 Apr 2013

Matilda Bay Beer  |  Phillip Small

A chance to work on his favorite beer brand was too good to miss for Phillip Small. Especially when the job covered all its brews.  


26 Mar 2013

All Right?  |  Beck Wheeler

Addressing people’s mental wellbeing after a major disaster is as vital as repairing buildings. The All Right campaign shows traumatised Cantabrians a way ahead.


05 Dec 2012

Popsicle Blasta!  |  Animation

Watermark's first game! Try the popsicle BLASTA game for free on iOS, Android or in your browser...

02 Dec 2012

Do the Macca's Run  |  Watermark

Sea gulls are attacking! Protect your fries!!

24 Oct 2012

Unitec YouFinder  |  David Way

Unitec YouFinder wins a Bronze at the Bestawards

22 Oct 2012

Double Vison For Downton Abbey Project  |  Anton Petrov

The brief called for layered images to illustrate the levels of drama in one of the world’s best-loved costume dramas. The challenge was to find a style that also captured the unique flavour of the series.

16 Aug 2012

All Aboard for Hospital Project  |  Watermark

A mural by Beck Wheeler and Cinzah Merkens helps turn a sterile hospital play area into an interactive, high-seas adventure.

13 Aug 2012

Caltex Men's Health Message  |  Courtney Hopkinson

Caltex needed a poster for Men’s Health Week that men would take notice of. The answer was simple: turn a body into an engine. The challenge was to do it in five days...

31 Jul 2012

ISPCA Ad  |  Pawel Zawislak

An animal-loving artist’s depiction of the sad life of street cats for an ad to raise awareness of their plight has won a national newspaper award in Ireland.

19 Jul 2012

Metro Magazine billboard  |  Joseph Qiu

Metro Magazine’s promotional campaign for its annual Top 50 Restaurant awards adds Joseph Ma’s caricatures of the judging panel to a da Vinci masterpiece for a striking result. 

15 Feb 2012

New Zealand Aids Foundation  |  Samantha Asri

The 2012 New Zealand Aids Foundation “L.Y.C.” (Love Your Condom) campaign, were so popular they were being stolen from sites around Auckland.

12 Feb 2012

Year of The Dragon  |  Phillip Small

A bright idea for the Christchurch Chinese Lantern Festival maximizing impact through it's Graphic style and strong colour.

29 Jan 2012

Portfolio 14  |  Watermark

A whopping 167 pages of our best work and much, much, more!

23 Nov 2011

Driven to Distraction  |  Watermark

Well, what do you know... Multitasking is a myth after all. A dangerous one if you try driving a car at the same time. This campaign couldn’t make it any clearer...