20 Jun 2016

Pedigree: A Dog's Story  |  David Way

A Cannes nominated app taking kids on a fun journey to safe petting

16 Sep 2013

Tasti NZ TVC  |  Animation

Nothing says 'kiwi' more than cops blowing on pies, riding whales and peeing into The Bucket Fountain.

14 Feb 2013

Figaro Pho  |  David Follett

Storyboarding the many fears of one for the award winning benefit of all.

02 Dec 2012

Do the Macca's Run  |  Watermark

Sea gulls are attacking! Protect your fries!!

15 Jun 2012

Shapeshifter Monarch App  |  Animation

We were approached by Shapeshifter to develop a music video. The brief was simply that it had to be engaging, it had to be innovative and it had to be cool... So we built a 3D augmented reality app. Have a look!

14 Dec 2011

Uncle Silas Gets Animated  |  David Follett

Dave Follett's award winning SF adventure graphic novel for kids gets the movie treatment in this short animated trailer.

Believe me, it grows on you.