Artist Showcase

04 Mar 2016

KidKind  |  Beck Wheeler

Raiseing money for New Zealand children living in poverty.

31 Aug 2015

Hop for Hope  |  Elise Martinson

Elise was one of 40 artists and identities selected to paint a kangaroo for the Hop for Hope project, a collaborative art exhibition to raise funds for the Alannah and Madeline

28 Apr 2014

WARD 6 MURALS  |  Blair Sayer

Watermark’s Blair Sayer goes cuckoo with his designs for Sydney-based agency WARD 6's boardroom and work foyer.


15 Apr 2014

Angus the Irritable Bull  |  Dean Proudfoot

Meet Angus - he's a bit grumpy and gets a little too e-'moo'-tional. If he's not hassling the heifers, frowning at the farmer or fuming at the fowls, he's stomping on innocent daisies! 

27 Aug 2013

FLOX TAKES FLIGHT  |  Flox aka Hayley King

Flox is spreading her wings this coming September, flying to New York and Los Angeles to live paint for the Cloudy Bay 2013 "Rare Taste, Rare Nature" launch events.


05 Jul 2013

Have Sketchbook, Will Travel  |  Joseph Qiu

There are two things Joseph never leaves his home without, his cellphone and sketchbook.

13 Jun 2013

Australian Bush Babies II  |  Elise Martinson

The sequel to the successful Australian Bush Babies series of coins and stamps features five more lovable Australian animals.

27 May 2013

Featured Artist  |  Pawel Zawislak

A sketching habit developed in the classroom has grown up to produce work that appears regularly in European art publications.

04 Oct 2012

Spooky Treats for Halloween  |  Watermark

A collection of ghoulish and zombified artwork from Watermark's illustrators

09 Aug 2012

Tarantino Babies  |  Blair Sayer

The brief was bizarre, but the result was cool enough for one of the world’s top filmmaker to wear. Blair recalls a four-year journey from his drawing board to the red carpet.

01 Aug 2012

Featured Artist  |  Flox aka Hayley King

Home is where the heart is for NZ artist.