19 Mar 2014

Artists Eggs-hibit Talents For Kids’ Charity  |  Dean Proudfoot

The good eggs at Watermark get involved with Starship Hospital’s Easter fundraiser.

22 Nov 2013

For the Love of Lids  |  Blair Sayer

Now you can wear a helmet AND look badass...

15 Aug 2013

Undercover Artist Makes Mural Magic  |  Cinzah Merkens

The mission was need-to-know secret, the objective legendary: paint a giant Yeti on the walls of a busy studio without the staff knowing. Here’s how we pulled it off.

21 Feb 2013

Artists Paint The Town  |  Cinzah Merkens

Armed with spray cans in every colour, Watermark artists Flox, Cinzah and Beck head to Taupo for the city’s annual Graffiato festival.

26 Nov 2012

Party time at pop up exhibition  |  Dean Proudfoot

A Ricoh-sponsored group art show blasts back to the Wellington waterfront in a spirit of optimism to match the atmosphere.

30 Aug 2012

Australian Political Cartoons Exhibition  |  David Follett

This exhibition proves that however fleeting the current affairs, the cartoons they inspire have the power to endure the test of time.