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26 Jul 2016

IBM Bringing man and machine together through illustration  |  Yulia Vysotskaya

Wrap your hard drive around this campaign celebrating the collaboration between man and machine.

30 Jun 2016

2016 3x3 Illustration Show  |  Watermark

Big wins for Watermark in this years 3x3 illlustration show.

20 Jun 2016

Pedigree: A Dog's Story  |  David Way

A Cannes nominated app taking kids on a fun journey to safe petting

16 May 2016

Spectrum 23 Silver Award  |  Joseph Qiu

Settle your butt cheeks into a comfy sofa as you indulge in Joseph Qiu’s award winning poster for the 24 Hour Film Marathon.

07 Mar 2016

Egg-ceptional POS for Cadbury  |  Stevie Mahardhika

Have you ever wondered where the Easter Bunny gets his eggs?

04 Mar 2016

KidKind  |  Beck Wheeler

Raiseing money for New Zealand children living in poverty.

19 Feb 2016

Gregg’s Jelly. There’s always room...  |  Daron Parton

Gorge yourself on Daron Parton’s hilarious illustrations for the new Gregg’s Jelly campaign - they'll tickle more than your tastebuds!  


17 Feb 2016

BT Investment Management  |  Blair Sayer

Enhancements add edge.

01 Dec 2015

A refreshing celebration of Aussie summer  |  Phillip Small

Phill Small throws some iconic summer imagery on the barbie as part of a re-brand for Frantelle Water.


26 Oct 2015

A fishy wall mural to reel-in customers  |  Blair Sayer

Thank cod for the chippy!

Take the oppor-tuna-ty to trawl through our recent project for fish ‘n chip emporium Fish

Smith, in New Zealand’s Herne Bay.

31 Aug 2015

Hop for Hope  |  Elise Martinson

Elise was one of 40 artists and identities selected to paint a kangaroo for the Hop for Hope project, a collaborative art exhibition to raise funds for the Alannah and Madeline

20 Mar 2015

Woolworths Select Easter Campaign  |  Yulia Vysotskaya

Creating farm fun for Woolworths' Easter range, was a perfect fit for Watermark's own funny bunny.

10 Feb 2015

Travel Insurance Direct  |  Watermark

An insanely crowded bus shows why it’s a good idea to get insurance before travelling on Third World public transport.    

18 Nov 2014

100% Pure Gold For Artesian Water Design  |  Trevor Powell

How do you package an everyday product like bottled water for high-end customers here and in Asia? Give it some first-class design.

05 Nov 2014

Hubbards Kids Cereal Rebrand  |  Beck Wheeler

Doodles, fun facts and mind farts help to engage younger audience

28 Oct 2014

Time For Freakin’ Flies  |  Courtney Hopkinson

What began as a way to learn gaming software, ended in a fully fledged game.

08 Sep 2014

NZ Honora Honey - packaging range  |  Jo Tronc

Jo Tronc finds a sweet spot between art and technology for Honora's new honey range


18 Aug 2014

PangeaSeed  |  Cinzah Merkens

PangeaSeed bring the beauty and the plight of the world’s oceans onto streets around the globe in a ground-breaking street art project called, Sea Walls: Murals for Oceans.

25 Jun 2014

Unleash your super powers!  |  Gee Hale

Need artwork for a new drink? Time to call Super Illustrator Man! (A.k.a Gee Hail)


28 Apr 2014

WARD 6 MURALS  |  Blair Sayer

Watermark’s Blair Sayer goes cuckoo with his designs for Sydney-based agency WARD 6's boardroom and work foyer.


15 Apr 2014

Angus the Irritable Bull  |  Dean Proudfoot

Meet Angus - he's a bit grumpy and gets a little too e-'moo'-tional. If he's not hassling the heifers, frowning at the farmer or fuming at the fowls, he's stomping on innocent daisies! 

24 Mar 2014

Peters Drumstick Icecreams  |  Anton Petrov

Remember those scenes of Summer heatwave madness for Drumstick cones ads adorning the Sydney and Melbourne bus systems? They were illustrated by our own Anton Petrov.

24 Mar 2014

2013 3X3 winners  |  Watermark

Congratulations to Beck, Simon, and Pawel for picking up awards in the 3X3 magazine international illustration awards.

19 Mar 2014

Artists Eggs-hibit Talents For Kids’ Charity  |  Dean Proudfoot

The good eggs at Watermark get involved with Starship Hospital’s Easter fundraiser.

18 Mar 2014

Characterized Design Battle Winners!  |  Tessa Monash

Tess Monash and Mat Brady win the Cut & Paste Characterised Design Battle in Auckland


10 Jan 2014

Revitalizing Burgen Bread  |  Jo Tronc

A Kiwi bread with a German name has Kiwified itself to better reflect its New Zealand heritage.

05 Jan 2014

Yeaaaargh 30th Nov 2013  |  Jo Tronc


 “Yeaaaargh” yelled Phill in a way that only a director of Watermark can 

22 Nov 2013

For the Love of Lids  |  Blair Sayer

Now you can wear a helmet AND look badass...

14 Nov 2013

Donut King  |  King Brothers

Who better than the King Brothers to create 'The Kingdom' for Australia’s market-leading Donut World?

06 Nov 2013

Anatoth Jam's & Pickles  |  Phillip Small

Capturing the essence of the country for the award-winning Anathoth jam and pickle labels opened a door to a bygone era. 

15 Oct 2013

Karma Cola at the Best Awards  |  Beck Wheeler

It must have been karma… as Beck’s African-influenced designs won a bag of top New Zealand design awards.   

09 Oct 2013

Peter's Zombie Icecreams  |  David Follett

I Scream, You Scream, We All Scream For …a Peters Zombie Apocalypse!


16 Sep 2013

Tasti NZ TVC  |  Animation

Nothing says 'kiwi' more than cops blowing on pies, riding whales and peeing into The Bucket Fountain.

27 Aug 2013

FLOX TAKES FLIGHT  |  Flox aka Hayley King

Flox is spreading her wings this coming September, flying to New York and Los Angeles to live paint for the Cloudy Bay 2013 "Rare Taste, Rare Nature" launch events.


15 Aug 2013

Undercover Artist Makes Mural Magic  |  Cinzah Merkens

The mission was need-to-know secret, the objective legendary: paint a giant Yeti on the walls of a busy studio without the staff knowing. Here’s how we pulled it off.

11 Jul 2013

Zombie Balt  |  Pawel Zawislak

Missed the Mayan apocalypse? It's not too late to join the Zombie apocalypse. Time to stock up on supplies and weapons and make sure you're fit. That's right, FIT! For instance, can you do the 1,000m hurdles while firing a gun?

05 Jul 2013

Have Sketchbook, Will Travel  |  Joseph Qiu

There are two things Joseph never leaves his home without, his cellphone and sketchbook.

19 Jun 2013

Easy Money  |  Stevie Mahardhika

Picturebook Predators Promote Power Parsimony

Billboard-sized bears and tigers with a friendly charm join the Electricity Authority’s campaign to promote the savings benefits of changing power companies

13 Jun 2013

Australian Bush Babies II  |  Elise Martinson

The sequel to the successful Australian Bush Babies series of coins and stamps features five more lovable Australian animals.

27 May 2013

Featured Artist  |  Pawel Zawislak

A sketching habit developed in the classroom has grown up to produce work that appears regularly in European art publications.

13 May 2013

Wellington Zoo Hero HQ  |  Dean Proudfoot

The brief was to turn a disused kiosk into a showcase for insect and reptiles. The results made a lasting impression on Dean Proudfoot.   


30 Apr 2013

Matilda Bay Beer  |  Phillip Small

A chance to work on his favorite beer brand was too good to miss for Phillip Small. Especially when the job covered all its brews.  


26 Apr 2013

Sail and Anchor  |  Blair Sayer

Illustrating offbeat labels for a craft beer range was a labour of love for illustrator Blair Sayer, a.k.a. The Beer Slayer.


10 Apr 2013

Bickfords Fruities  |  King Brothers

Can’t be out first ball... six and out... and mind the windows! Joe and Wayne capture the feeling of backyard summer sports across for a juicy new drinks range.


26 Mar 2013

All Right?  |  Beck Wheeler

Addressing people’s mental wellbeing after a major disaster is as vital as repairing buildings. The All Right campaign shows traumatised Cantabrians a way ahead.


21 Feb 2013

the year that was 2012  |  Joseph Qiu

It was the year the big Kims faced off (without a Kardashian in sight), common sense hit the streets, SBW got knighted (sort of), Harry flashed and Gandalf gave John Key a language lesson. As illustrated by Joseph Ma.

21 Feb 2013

Artists Paint The Town  |  Cinzah Merkens

Armed with spray cans in every colour, Watermark artists Flox, Cinzah and Beck head to Taupo for the city’s annual Graffiato festival.

14 Feb 2013

Figaro Pho  |  David Follett

Storyboarding the many fears of one for the award winning benefit of all.

01 Feb 2013

2013 Illustrators Australia Awards  |  Watermark

Congratulations go out to all our illustrators.

01 Feb 2013

Phoenix Organic Fruit Drinks  |  Daron Parton

Reflecting the healthy, natural character of Phoenix’ products was the key to refreshing its packaging.

17 Dec 2012

Five:AM Characters Range  |  Pawel Zawislak

Kids and adults join the farming fraternity on five:am’s packaging for a new range of flavours.

05 Dec 2012

Popsicle Blasta!  |  Animation

Watermark's first game! Try the popsicle BLASTA game for free on iOS, Android or in your browser...

04 Dec 2012

Reach for the Stars with Popsicle  |  Jo Tronc

Illustrations for the rebranded Popsicle range reflect the need to appeal to a cool young audience whilst embodying a desire for personal growth.

02 Dec 2012

Do the Macca's Run  |  Watermark

Sea gulls are attacking! Protect your fries!!

28 Nov 2012

Clap hands for a classic Kiwi singalong  |  Stevie Mahardhika

The biggest challenge illustrating this sing-along book with CD was the sheer volume of animals. And drawing a kicking fish.

26 Nov 2012

Party time at pop up exhibition  |  Dean Proudfoot

A Ricoh-sponsored group art show blasts back to the Wellington waterfront in a spirit of optimism to match the atmosphere.

22 Nov 2012

Religious spirit infuses Western pop  |  Beck Wheeler

Eastern and African religions were among the ingredients that inspired a team designing for a classic Western soft drink. For artist Beck Wheeler, the experience proved to be instant karma. 

06 Nov 2012

The Black Keys  |  Blair Sayer

The Black Keys boys get a superhero make over for their Auckland gig!

24 Oct 2012

Social Comment  |  Watermark

They say a picture is worth a thousand words. We couldn't agree more!

24 Oct 2012

Unitec YouFinder  |  David Way

Unitec YouFinder wins a Bronze at the Bestawards

22 Oct 2012

Double Vison For Downton Abbey Project  |  Anton Petrov

The brief called for layered images to illustrate the levels of drama in one of the world’s best-loved costume dramas. The challenge was to find a style that also captured the unique flavour of the series.

18 Oct 2012

Fresh Approach For New Kleenex Range  |  Cinzah Merkens

The chance to illustrate packaging for a global tissue brand was not to be sneezed at, and the results earned international recognition.

04 Oct 2012

Spooky Treats for Halloween  |  Watermark

A collection of ghoulish and zombified artwork from Watermark's illustrators

31 Aug 2012

The Blue Gnu  |  Daron Parton

A commission to illustrate the children’s book Blue Gnu satisfies an artist’s creative yearnings.



30 Aug 2012

Australian Political Cartoons Exhibition  |  David Follett

This exhibition proves that however fleeting the current affairs, the cartoons they inspire have the power to endure the test of time.

23 Aug 2012

Do Dinosaurs Play Rugby?  |  Stevie Mahardhika

Creating a dinosaur that was more Eden Park than Jurassic Park required giving T-Rex a body and personality makeover. Cue a plump figure, glowing complexion and a warm smile.

16 Aug 2012

All Aboard for Hospital Project  |  Watermark

A mural by Beck Wheeler and Cinzah Merkens helps turn a sterile hospital play area into an interactive, high-seas adventure.

15 Aug 2012

Artists Fight To Keep Sharks Out of the Soup  |  Cinzah Merkens

Artist Cinzah Merkens joins a battery of international artists lending their work to stop sharks being slaughtered in the name of fine dining.

13 Aug 2012

Caltex Men's Health Message  |  Courtney Hopkinson

Caltex needed a poster for Men’s Health Week that men would take notice of. The answer was simple: turn a body into an engine. The challenge was to do it in five days...

09 Aug 2012

Tarantino Babies  |  Blair Sayer

The brief was bizarre, but the result was cool enough for one of the world’s top filmmaker to wear. Blair recalls a four-year journey from his drawing board to the red carpet.

07 Aug 2012

Listen Calendar  |  Watermark

Close collaboration on the Watermark calendar was as enjoyable as it was successful.

02 Aug 2012

Coles Ice Cream  |  King Brothers

The King Brothers populate a fantasy land with cartoon critters for Coles ice cream range.

01 Aug 2012

Featured Artist  |  Flox aka Hayley King

Home is where the heart is for NZ artist.

31 Jul 2012

ISPCA Ad  |  Pawel Zawislak

An animal-loving artist’s depiction of the sad life of street cats for an ad to raise awareness of their plight has won a national newspaper award in Ireland.

26 Jul 2012

Make a Statement  |  Watermark

There is now only one deadline to rule them all... Watermark’s new T-shirt marks the passing of old-fashioned time limits on jobs.

23 Jul 2012

Tetley Tea  |  Samuel Sakaria

Henna-style art replaces steaming cups for Tetley’s repackaged Chai brand. The tea giant liked the design so much it’s being used across the range.

19 Jul 2012

Metro Magazine billboard  |  Joseph Qiu

Metro Magazine’s promotional campaign for its annual Top 50 Restaurant awards adds Joseph Ma’s caricatures of the judging panel to a da Vinci masterpiece for a striking result. 

18 Jun 2012

A Bee's Kiss  |  Jo Tronc

Nature is an ever abundant source of inspiration for illustrators, so it's not surprising this entrancing children's book about a boy and a bee hums with life.

17 Jun 2012

2012 3X3 Illustration Annual  |  Watermark

Listen up: Watermark has again been recognised in the International 3X3 Professional Illustration Annual!


15 Jun 2012

Shapeshifter Monarch App  |  Animation

We were approached by Shapeshifter to develop a music video. The brief was simply that it had to be engaging, it had to be innovative and it had to be cool... So we built a 3D augmented reality app. Have a look!

11 Jun 2012

2012 3X3 Children’s ProShow  |  Gee Hale

Gee Hale’s illustrations for a children’s story have been rewarded with a prestigious 3X3 award.

08 May 2012

Moccona Repackaged  |  Samuel Sakaria

Artist Samuel Sakaria draws on architecture to illustrate Moccona’s limited edition range of coffee jars. 

09 Apr 2012

Strength of Roots  |  Dede Putra

This dramatic story centres around a boy in Samoa who is caught in a tsunami.  

02 Mar 2012

2011 Hotshop Illustrator of the Year  |  Daron Parton

A big woop woop goes to Daron Parton, winner of the Illustration category for the 2011 Hotshop Awards.

16 Feb 2012

2012 Illustrators Australia Awards  |  Watermark

Another year of back slapping and 'hooray's to all the winners of the IA awards.

15 Feb 2012

New Zealand Aids Foundation  |  Samantha Asri

The 2012 New Zealand Aids Foundation “L.Y.C.” (Love Your Condom) campaign, were so popular they were being stolen from sites around Auckland.

12 Feb 2012

Year of The Dragon  |  Phillip Small

A bright idea for the Christchurch Chinese Lantern Festival maximizing impact through it's Graphic style and strong colour.

29 Jan 2012

Portfolio 14  |  Watermark

A whopping 167 pages of our best work and much, much, more!

12 Jan 2012

Cheers to Beer Pioneers!  |  Phillip Small

The well crafted Japanese beer SAPPORO deserves a well crafted Illustration to match. Kampai!

14 Dec 2011

Uncle Silas Gets Animated  |  David Follett

Dave Follett's award winning SF adventure graphic novel for kids gets the movie treatment in this short animated trailer.

Believe me, it grows on you.

23 Nov 2011

Driven to Distraction  |  Watermark

Well, what do you know... Multitasking is a myth after all. A dangerous one if you try driving a car at the same time. This campaign couldn’t make it any clearer...

01 Oct 2011

Bondi Republic  |  Joseph Qiu

Celebrating what is arguably Australia’s most popular beach is this photo-essay by Ali Nasseri.

20 Aug 2011

2011 Best Awards  |  Watermark

Exceeding expectations on a high-pressure deadline led to a gold rush of recognition for the Watermark team.


30 Jun 2011

2011 3X3 Awards  |  Watermark

Watermark found success at the first attempt with two prestigious 3x3 Merit awards.

01 Feb 2011

2011 Illustrators Australia Awards  |  Watermark

Watermark has hit the mark at the Illustrators Australia Awards, big time!