11 Nov 2016

Proud & Punch  |  Phillip Small

Tickle your tastebuds with Phill Small’s delicious illustrations for the Peters’ Proud & Punch frozen treat range

06 Sep 2016

Porridge packaging to tempt even the fussiest fairy tale princess  |  Jo Tronc

Warm your hands over the wintery goodness of our typographic illustrations for Hubbards Creamy Porridge.

01 Dec 2015

A refreshing celebration of Aussie summer  |  Phillip Small

Phill Small throws some iconic summer imagery on the barbie as part of a re-brand for Frantelle Water.


20 Mar 2015

Woolworths Select Easter Campaign  |  Yulia Vysotskaya

Creating farm fun for Woolworths' Easter range, was a perfect fit for Watermark's own funny bunny.

18 Nov 2014

100% Pure Gold For Artesian Water Design  |  Trevor Powell

How do you package an everyday product like bottled water for high-end customers here and in Asia? Give it some first-class design.

05 Nov 2014

Hubbards Kids Cereal Rebrand  |  Beck Wheeler

Doodles, fun facts and mind farts help to engage younger audience

08 Sep 2014

NZ Honora Honey - packaging range  |  Jo Tronc

Jo Tronc finds a sweet spot between art and technology for Honora's new honey range


25 Jun 2014

Unleash your super powers!  |  Gee Hale

Need artwork for a new drink? Time to call Super Illustrator Man! (A.k.a Gee Hail)


24 Mar 2014

Peters Drumstick Icecreams  |  Anton Petrov

Remember those scenes of Summer heatwave madness for Drumstick cones ads adorning the Sydney and Melbourne bus systems? They were illustrated by our own Anton Petrov.

24 Mar 2014

2013 3X3 winners  |  Watermark

Congratulations to Beck, Simon, and Pawel for picking up awards in the 3X3 magazine international illustration awards.

10 Jan 2014

Revitalizing Burgen Bread  |  Jo Tronc

A Kiwi bread with a German name has Kiwified itself to better reflect its New Zealand heritage.

15 Oct 2013

Karma Cola at the Best Awards  |  Beck Wheeler

It must have been karma… as Beck’s African-influenced designs won a bag of top New Zealand design awards.   

09 Oct 2013

Peter's Zombie Icecreams  |  David Follett

I Scream, You Scream, We All Scream For …a Peters Zombie Apocalypse!


27 Aug 2013

FLOX TAKES FLIGHT  |  Flox aka Hayley King

Flox is spreading her wings this coming September, flying to New York and Los Angeles to live paint for the Cloudy Bay 2013 "Rare Taste, Rare Nature" launch events.


26 Apr 2013

Sail and Anchor  |  Blair Sayer

Illustrating offbeat labels for a craft beer range was a labour of love for illustrator Blair Sayer, a.k.a. The Beer Slayer.


10 Apr 2013

Bickfords Fruities  |  King Brothers

Can’t be out first ball... six and out... and mind the windows! Joe and Wayne capture the feeling of backyard summer sports across for a juicy new drinks range.


01 Feb 2013

Phoenix Organic Fruit Drinks  |  Daron Parton

Reflecting the healthy, natural character of Phoenix’ products was the key to refreshing its packaging.

17 Dec 2012

Five:AM Characters Range  |  Pawel Zawislak

Kids and adults join the farming fraternity on five:am’s packaging for a new range of flavours.

04 Dec 2012

Reach for the Stars with Popsicle  |  Jo Tronc

Illustrations for the rebranded Popsicle range reflect the need to appeal to a cool young audience whilst embodying a desire for personal growth.

22 Nov 2012

Religious spirit infuses Western pop  |  Beck Wheeler

Eastern and African religions were among the ingredients that inspired a team designing for a classic Western soft drink. For artist Beck Wheeler, the experience proved to be instant karma. 

18 Oct 2012

Fresh Approach For New Kleenex Range  |  Cinzah Merkens

The chance to illustrate packaging for a global tissue brand was not to be sneezed at, and the results earned international recognition.

02 Aug 2012

Coles Ice Cream  |  King Brothers

The King Brothers populate a fantasy land with cartoon critters for Coles ice cream range.

23 Jul 2012

Tetley Tea  |  Samuel Sakaria

Henna-style art replaces steaming cups for Tetley’s repackaged Chai brand. The tea giant liked the design so much it’s being used across the range.

08 May 2012

Moccona Repackaged  |  Samuel Sakaria

Artist Samuel Sakaria draws on architecture to illustrate Moccona’s limited edition range of coffee jars. 

29 Jan 2012

Portfolio 14  |  Watermark

A whopping 167 pages of our best work and much, much, more!

12 Jan 2012

Cheers to Beer Pioneers!  |  Phillip Small

The well crafted Japanese beer SAPPORO deserves a well crafted Illustration to match. Kampai!