15 Apr 2014

Angus the Irritable Bull  |  Dean Proudfoot

Meet Angus - he's a bit grumpy and gets a little too e-'moo'-tional. If he's not hassling the heifers, frowning at the farmer or fuming at the fowls, he's stomping on innocent daisies! 

21 Feb 2013

the year that was 2012  |  Joseph Qiu

It was the year the big Kims faced off (without a Kardashian in sight), common sense hit the streets, SBW got knighted (sort of), Harry flashed and Gandalf gave John Key a language lesson. As illustrated by Joseph Ma.

28 Nov 2012

Clap hands for a classic Kiwi singalong  |  Stevie Mahardhika

The biggest challenge illustrating this sing-along book with CD was the sheer volume of animals. And drawing a kicking fish.

23 Aug 2012

Do Dinosaurs Play Rugby?  |  Stevie Mahardhika

Creating a dinosaur that was more Eden Park than Jurassic Park required giving T-Rex a body and personality makeover. Cue a plump figure, glowing complexion and a warm smile.

18 Jun 2012

A Bee's Kiss  |  Jo Tronc

Nature is an ever abundant source of inspiration for illustrators, so it's not surprising this entrancing children's book about a boy and a bee hums with life.

11 Jun 2012

2012 3X3 Children’s ProShow  |  Gee Hale

Gee Hale’s illustrations for a children’s story have been rewarded with a prestigious 3X3 award.

09 Apr 2012

Strength of Roots  |  Dede Putra

This dramatic story centres around a boy in Samoa who is caught in a tsunami.  

29 Jan 2012

Portfolio 14  |  Watermark

A whopping 167 pages of our best work and much, much, more!

14 Dec 2011

Uncle Silas Gets Animated  |  David Follett

Dave Follett's award winning SF adventure graphic novel for kids gets the movie treatment in this short animated trailer.

Believe me, it grows on you.

01 Oct 2011

Bondi Republic  |  Joseph Qiu

Celebrating what is arguably Australia’s most popular beach is this photo-essay by Ali Nasseri.