We’re experienced illustrators who specialise in advertising, design, packaging, publishing and editorial. Our styles are many and varied. From photo realistic to icon and logo development, we’ve created illustrations for web, print and television. In fact, we’ll illustrate for any medium that you can imagine.

Anton Petrov
Blair Sayer
Courtney Hopkinson
Daron Parton
David Way
David Follett
Dean Proudfoot
Dede Putra
Elise Martinson
Flox aka Hayley King
Gee Hale
Jo Tronc
Joseph Qiu
Ken Samonte
King Brothers
Pawel Zawislak
Phillip Small
Salt & Paprika
Samantha Asri
Samuel Sakaria
Simon Shaw
Stevie Mahardhika
Trevor Powell
Yulia Vysotskaya