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Watermark delivers consistent, creative and timely service. We operate studios in Auckland, Wellington, Melbourne and Sydney where, as a group of 20 illustrators, we are in spaces that encourage sharing of knowledge and collaboration on work. This also creates a stimulating environment for the illustrators to ensure that the best ideas and creative results are being achieved for you, our clients!


We’re experienced illustrators who specialise in advertising, design, packaging, publishing and editorial. Our styles are many and varied. From photo realistic to icon and logo development, we’ve created illustrations for web, print and television. In fact, we’ll illustrate for any medium that you can imagine. We’re happiest being involved in the creative process and can adapt easily to accommodate your specific brief.

Dean Proudfoot - New Zealand
Phillip Small - Australia
Phone: +64 9 950 8542
Phone: +61 2 9380 6988
Email: dean@watermarkltd.com Email: phillip@watermarkltd.com

David Way - Animation

+64 9 300 7182



US Agent

Watermark Ltd is proud to be represented by DEBORAH WOLFE LTD. To view work from the DEBORAH WOLFE website, please visit: www.illustrationOnline.com

IllustrationOnLine is an extension to Watermark’s own services, where you will find an even greater selection of styles and stock illustration to choose from. You may contact Deborah Wolfe directly, or if you prefer, you can discuss your requirements with Simon Shaw at Watermark’s Auckland office.

Deborah Wolfe - Philadelphia
Phone: +1 215 232 6666
Email: info@illustrationOnline.com